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If you're interested in how a guy from Indiana became a one-man filmmaking machine and made a million dollar film for $8k, read on! Or you could just skip the story and check out my work...

After running a commercial media business for 15 years, I decided to explore filmmaking in 2006. Since Indiana had essentially no film industry, I had to do everything myself - from writing & directing to editing, even scoring and writing the songs.

No big deal, since I had written tons of commercial scripts, musical jingles and overseen plenty of corporate video. I didn't know at the time how unusual it was for one guy to wear all the hats!

That first filmmaking effort led to a deal creating made-for-tv and direct-to-home-video movies. I developed a reputation as a fast writer and director (often getting 30-40 setups per day) and delivering considerably more production value than budgets might suggest.

I wanted to keep making films, and I knew that a key was to make sure my distributor was making money. With that in mind, I carefully crafted 2012's "Healed By Grace" to target the buying trends of the faith & family retail marketplace. It succeeded wildly, with a 5 week theatrical run, overwhelmingly positive reviews, and a worldwide release, earning around $1M.

That's peanuts in Hollywood terms, but when you consider the film had a budget of $36,000 and an actual negative cost of $8k, that's a better than 10,000% ROI! That film, and the 2018 sequel featuring Sean Young (Ace Ventura, Blade Runner) is currently available on YouTube, Tubi, Amazon Prime, Pluto.tv and many other platforms.

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