Underscore Samples

The film "Out of Time" is a paranormal mystery. For this score I am more-or-less channelling Harry Gregson-Williams, who has scored several films for Tony Scott / Denzel Washington in a style I thought really suited this film. So I took the opportunity to really study his sound and try to apply it to this score.

The music, which is all in C minor and includes very, very few chord changes, features a lot of samples heavily filtered to sound really "dark" and which often play back with echos that are tempo-matched to the music. So the percussive elements of the music really provides it's unique sonic signature.

Add to that some strings, a little brass, and the obligatory deep rumbles, whooses and tympanis, and you're most of the way there in creating the sonic palette.

Underscore Sample
This clip is comprised entirely of underscore from the film, so most of this is very textural (i.e. there's not a lot of melody) and the character of the music is pretty much found in the way the various textures weave in and out.



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